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National Latin Exam

posted Apr 22, 2016, 5:49 AM by Ashley McBride
On March 10th the Latin students at East took the National Latin Exam. The National Latin Exam is the acclaimed standardized test for Latin across the nation, and many parts of the world (19 other countries also participated in the NLE). Over 85% of our students scored above the national average and received recognition for this achievement.

Gold Medals (Summa Cum Laude) - 
Caroline Cai, Emily Liu, Ravi Pitelka, Liv Jarskog, Zsolt Ring, Stephanie Pecaut, Jessie Yang, Andy Farkas, Edric Eun, Noah Green and Asher Kirkpatrick

Silver Medals (Maxima Cum Laude) - 
Jack Felgenhauer, Abia Ahmed, Ameer Qaqish, Sara Zangi, Vance Johnson and Ethan Lee

Magna Cum Laude (Bronze) - 
Caroline Conerly, Juny Kim, Toonie Goyal, Carolyn Hsu, Huny Chung, Isaiah Benzoni and Shawn Kang

Latin 4
Gold Medals (Summa Cum Laude) - 
Isabella Li, Joie Dong, Charlie Zhang, Matthew Dai, Andrew Qin, Mary Seo, Emily Lewis, Sarah Stevens, Tristan Manturuk, Michael Swers, Danny Kaminsky, Max Hazerjian, Amy Zhang and Khushboo Patel

Silver Medals (Maxima Cum Laude) - 
Tara Candelaria, Grace Lian, Elizabeth Liang, Connor Sept, Stephen Dallara, Andrew Yun, Thomas Brodey and Jessica Rohde

Magna Cum Laude (Bronze) - 
Alexandria Castro, Reilly Reed, Henry Levy, Sasha Bull, Nathan Xiao and Elizabeth Manturuk

Cum Laude (Honorable Mention) - 
Michelle Verderber, Evan Morris, Kaitlyn Sun and Carol Xiao

Latin 5
Gold Medals (Summa Cum Laude) - 
Kees Benkendorfer and Molly McLachlan

Great Job Everyone!