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Registration Forms

posted Apr 8, 2016, 5:57 AM by Ashley McBride
Students and Parents,

Course registration for the 2016-2017 school year has ended and counselors are in the process of wrapping up loose ends. At this point, all registration forms should have submitted to the counselor including supplemental forms such as; NCVPS registration, Wildcat Assistant (11th or 12th only), Free Period (12th only), School Health form, Cross Enrollment, and UNC course request forms.

As the counselors have started reviewing registration materials, they are noticing that many of the supplemental forms (noted above) are missing. Please know that your/your students’ registration is not complete until the supplemental forms have also been turned in. For example, if you/your student listed on their registration form that they plan to take an NCVPS course but did not submit the NCVPS registration form, the student will not be enrolled in the NCVPS course and may lose the opportunity to take it if it reaches capacity and closes.

Parents, please check with your student to make sure they submitted all registration forms. If they did not, please make sure they do so in the next couple of days. The link to the website page where the supplemental forms are housed and can be printed is here.  Students may also stop by any Quad Counseling Office to pick up a hard copy if needed.