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Public schools are responsible for enforcing the compulsory school attendance laws of the State of North Carolina. Every effort shall be made to keep every student in school. Students shall be punctual in reporting to school and to classes and shall attend regularly throughout the year.

Our Attendance Policy demonstrates to students...
  • That good attendance and punctuality are fundamental to success in life.
  • That a significant part of a student's experience in any given subject area is derived from being in attendance for classroom instruction, discussion, and participation.
  • That good attendance reduces the amount of make-up work to be completed; reduces the stress of upcoming tests; optimizes opportunities to be involved in rework; and students to work collaboratively with peers.
  • That future employers consider good attendance and punctuality to be a critical job skill in the work world.
According to CHCCS School Board Policy 4400 excused absences are:
  • Personal illness; including medical, psychological and dental care
  • Isolation ordered by the Sate board of Health
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Medical or dental appointments which cannot be rescheduled outside of school time
  • Participation under subpoena as a witness in a court proceeding
  • Religious Observance with prior approval of the Principal
  • Pre-arranged absences due to an Educational Opportunity (including field trips, athletic contests, and travel, etc.)- Please fill out this form to request an Educational Absence. 
  • College visit- only two days will be excused for Juniors and seniors for this purpose. 
  • Pregnancy and related conditions or parenting,when medically necessary
ECHHS requires notes from medical doctors and other appointments as verification of an excused absence.

Making Up Missed Assignments
Unless the absence is for a school sponsored activity, students are not allowed on campus during an excused absence. Make-up work for excused absences must be completed in a reasonable amount of time. This time period will be decided at the discretion of the teacher. The faculty will provide the assistance needed for the student to complete all academic work missed due to an excused absence or school sponsored activity in advance, or on a make-up basis. 

It is the student's responsibility to obtain all make-up work from his/her teachers immediately upon returning to school. Failure to obtain make-up work is no excuse for not doing work missed.

Parents are requested to call the attendance office at 919-969-2482, press #3 or ext. 27001 between 8:30 am - 9:30 am on the morning of each student absence.

For Example: If your child is ill for five days, please call each day that your child stays home. If parents are not able to call the school, they must provide a note the day the student returns to school explaining the absence. 

When it is necessary to leave campus for any reason THE STUDENT PRESENT A NOTE TO THE TEACHER OF THE CLASS AT THE TIME THEY MUST LEAVE IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A PASS TO THE RECEPTION DESK.  ALL STUDENTS (even seniors and students who drive) MUST SIGN OUT AT THE RECEPTION DESK . Failure to do as will result in an unexcused absence.

Any absence that has not been excused by the office will be an unexcused absence. STUDENTS ONLY HAVE THREE (3) SCHOOL DAYS TO HAVE UNEXCUSED ABSENCES EXCUSED.  Students may lose the opportunity to make up work for credit due to unexcused absences.

Excessive absences may result in the parents' required participation in truancy court. 

A student whose attendance pattern is not progressing academically may be assigned an alternative educational placement. If the nonattendance is seriously affecting the student's achievement, options other than continued enrollment in the regular program will be considered. 


After 10 consecutive days of absence from school, the administration is required by law to notify parents that their student will be withdrawn from East Chapel Hill High School. 

Late to School / Leaving During the Day
If the student comes to school anytime after 9:00 am, he/she should report to the Reception Desk to check in and receive a Late to School pass to class.

If any student leaves school for any reason he/she must sign out at the reception desk.  If he/she returns before the end of the scheduled day, he/she must check back in through the Reception Desk.

Extended Illness
Home instruction may be provided in cases of prolonged illness or injury.  Speak with Nurse LaMay at ext. 27008 for more information.

Exams & Absences
Educational opportunity requests WILL NOT be approved during any exam period.

A student is considered to have an unexcused tardy if he/she is not in the instruction area designated by the teacher at the time class begins and does not have an excuse deemed valid by the teacher. Three (3) unexcused tardies of 15 minutes or more shall be treated as one unexcused absence under the State's Compulsory Attendance Law.  Students are responsible for reconciling absences/tardies with their instructor.

Late Buses
Students who arrive to school on late school buses are not considered tardy and will receive a Late Bus pass from the Reception Desk to report to class.